Rosso new configuration

£ 1 300.00

Modern and unique wall unit offering a serious and elegant look but at the same time having a young touch thanks to the incorporated LED lights and the clear color.


Height / Width / Depth
Medium sized glass-fronted cabinet with LEDs : 131/102/43 cm - 51,6"/40,2"/16,9"
Floor Multimedia center cabinet with drawers: 38/182/50 cm - 14,9"/71,7"/19,7"
TV Wall panel: 102/150/3 cm - 40,2"/59,1"/1,9"
Shelf: 22/106/20 cm - 8,7"/41,7"/7,9"

All furniture elements shown in the image can be bought separately.
Just ask for the estimate and we will prepare it for you.

Material: natural wood
Soft closing doors
Set includes LED lighting
Made from high quality natural materials

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